Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Animal Kingdom Lodge: The View From Up Here...

   Staying concierge level at Animal Kingdom Lodge has been on my Disney bucket list since I've been obsessed with the lodge itself.  As many of you know, as of this past month, we got to check that one off of our list!  And while I won't go into a full review of our stay just yet (we're going to discuss it on the podcast first...)  I did want to share a few alternate views of Jambo House from the very special 6th floor...

From the Kilimanjaro Club with the lobby behind us... 

   To access the 6th floor at Jambo House you must be staying concierge, or know someone who is.  Sure, its only one floor higher than the floor we normal stay on (DVC at Jambo house is only on the 5th floor...) but the difference in perspective and scenery is outstanding.

Looking DOWN onto the fifth floor bridge.  Seriously cool.  

The public poolside balcony is on other floors as well...but... 

The view from the 6th floor is super amazing. Wow.  

So close to the shield chandeliers!!!

   I know this is a silly blog post, but these photos really got me thinking about all the things I love about Animal Kingdom Lodge, and helped put a new spin on things for me.  Being so close to that gorgeous thatched ceiling was seriously a dream come true.  As weird as that sounds...


  1. I cant wait to go to Disneyworld. So excited. hope you had a great time

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