Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two Other X. Atencio Songs...

   Yay! Today is Disney Legend X. Atencio's 94th birthday! Atencio started working for Disney as an animator in 1938, before being reassigned to Imagineering in the mid 1960's.  It was Walt who pegged X as a lyric man after associating him with his wonderful turn of phrase.
   Though he was apprehensive about his new role, Atencio is responsible for Yo Ho Yo Ho (A Pirates Life For Me), Grim Grinning Ghosts, and The Bear Band Serenade. In addition to his wonderful whimsical songs, he is also wrote attraction scripts, did voice over work, and produced various visual elements as well.  He is truly one of the most inspirational and positive old school Imagineers, with an amazing amount of work.
   So lets celebrate X. Atencio today by listening to two of his most catchy songs! Neither songs attractions are still around today, but they remain a huge part of the lyrical Disney canon.

If You Had Wings.

El Rio Del Tiempo

   Seriously though, how catchy are those songs? There is no way a person can listen to them and not feel better about their life!  Thanks so much X. Atencio for breaking out of your comfort zone to bring us such wonderful melodic joy! 

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  1. These are such great songs. I really need to get the El Rio Del Tiempo on my iPod as soon as possible. Thanks for spotlighting them!