Monday, September 9, 2013

That Time We Met Mowgli...

   "Character stalking" is something of an art.  The practice of obsessively meeting Disney meet and greet characters can either make or break your day depending on your good fortune, but is also strongly affected by your circle of influence.  Such is the case this past May!
   While casually touring Disney's Animal Kingdom, after a breakfast at Tusker House, we started to hear rumblings on Twitter that Mowgli would be meet and greeting at the park!  As the rumblings started to peak around 10AM, friend of the blog @dibadisney tweeted his location to help us out!  Adam and I ran (well, walked very quickly...) to the front of the park. Tada!  There, in all his flesh colored body suit glory was one of the most rare characters to meet at Walt Disney World.
   Here is what went down:

   Amazing right!?  I cant believe how lucky we got on this trip, considering Mowgli was only there for a short while...and apparently only for one day.  Its moments like this that get me back to Walt Disney World so often. I only wish Disney would invest more in these situations, maybe having random and rare characters pop up unannounced more frequently. :( 

   Have you ever met any super rare meet and greet characters? Share your story with us on Twitter!


  1. I dream of running into characters who are not usually out and about. I see them on Facebook and twitter, but never have seen them myself. They're endangered species.

  2. Why the flesh suit? Or at least paint on some fake nipples for god sake!

  3. Omg that costume is horrid! The shoes! The weird baggy flesh turtleneck and leggings! But I'm still jealous.