Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Similarities Between Disney World and Hershey Park...

   A lot of you followed along this past weekend (on Twitter anyway...) as Adam and I took our inaugural trip to Hershey Park.  We decided to visit the park on a whim, and mere 24 hours before departure, and we were skeptical the whole drive down.  You see, we don't normal visit non Disney fact, this would be my FIRST non Disney park to experience as an adult.  I was very nervous.
   As most of you know, my fears were unwarranted and I fell in love with Hershey Park.  Obviously this is not the same caliber as a Disney park...but it was pretty dang fun, and clean, and certain areas were even themed.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.
   Here is a silly video demonstrating some of the similarities between Hershey Park and Disney:

   Charming right?!?!  I still cant get over how great the little train is! And the monorail is loads of fun!  Have you ever been to Hershey Park?  Did you also have a fabulous experience?  Let us know via Twitter or on Facebook!


  1. Glad you guys enjoyed Hershey. I've been know to drive myself and my two girls the 30 min to Hershey in the middle of the winter just to ride the Chocolate World ride and get lunch. I always say it's to get them out of the house... but shhhhhhh, it's really for me to get a little "dark ride tide me over time" till WDW. Hershey is a great park, it's not Disney, but still super fun and enjoyable. Glad you had a nice time and thought highly of it!

  2. OKAY I haven't been here since I was.... three or four or five... but now I want to go check it out with Calvin.

  3. Ah, Hershey park! I spent many an orchestra trip here. <3 the Great Bear! I'll be there in a couple weeks; you're right that it's no Disney, but it's still fun and I'm excited. :D

  4. I went to HP twice in high school and it was so fun both times. J has been dying to go back but we know it's kind of a drive and should probably stay the night and that's not in the cards at the moment. Maybe next summer? I love this video you made! I never would have made those associations back when I was visiting since I was still a Disney Parks newbie but it's pretty crazy how closely they compare.

    I want ice cream :(

  5. Aww, you guys missed out on the giant wheel and canyon river rapids. Two of the best rides they took out of the park, and the coaster that was supposed to replace the giant wheel was never even built.

  6. Very nice and enjoy full place. Thanks for sharing:)