Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Disney Standard Bar Menu: Citrus Infusion

   The Disney World standard bar menu is provided out of necessity. Considering the vast amount of bars that will have to be accommodated, it would be nearly impossible to have a tailor made menu at each I give Disney a reluctant pass on this one.
   The wine and beer list is small but not horrible, and does a great job of including the tastes of the lowest common denominator.  The cocktail list on the other hand is a true anomaly.  Contained within are your standard margaritas, mojitos, and sours...but also some truly bizarre additions like the Godiva liqueur and strawberry flight. (seriously? why does this exist?)  It also includes one of my guilty pleasures: the Citrus Infusion! 

   Most of you know, I'm a beer drinker.  I usually shy away from cocktails (especially Disney cocktails...) because they're usually sweet beyond description.  But the citrus infusion is one of the few exceptions to the rule.
   The drink is blend of Skyy Citrus vodka, Midori, orange juice, mint and lemon juice.  Though there is a fair amount of sweetness from the Midori (Japanese melon liqueur) it is balanced well with the vodka, and lemon juice.  The fact that there is no added simple syrup or agave nectar is much appreciated!  The adjective I'd most associate with this drink is bright.  The mint, orange juice, and lemon all lend a wonderful refreshing balance.

Trust me, he tried to drink my fruity drink... 

   If you aren't into sweet drinks, but are looking to try something new on your next Disney World vacation, give this one a shot.  The association I have with citrus infusion and being on vacation is undeniable.  Something about a chilly mixed drink while galavanting around the Animal Kingdom Lodge pool is so stinking magical. :)

citrus infusion selfie...


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