Saturday, September 14, 2013

Disney Blog Roundup: 9/14/13

   Things have been pretty crazy around Disney Hipster Headquarters! Not only have we had several scheduling issues with the blog and podcasts, but we have a lot of random stuff going on in our personal lives. (nothing bad...just keeping us busy.)  As we get close to our big "November 40th" trip we hope things will calm down somewhat.   But as I sit here now...I'm exhausted.

Why cant I just be at Epcot right now???

   On Disney Hipster Blog: 

      - We started the week off sharing one of the most magical things that ever happened... the time we met Mowgli!

      - I was so happy to share my love of the Citrus Infusion! Seriously, I don't know why I love this drink so much.

      - On Friday we took a look at these amazing storyboards from The Jungle Book! 

   Other Peoples Blogs: 

      - Mouse On The Mind and This Happy Place Blog teamed up on a fun Dapper Day series... and let me be a part of it!!

      - Sarah at Eating WDW wrote an absolutely phenomenal post about her favorite vegetarian dishes at Disney World! So great. 

      - When I need a pick me up, in the form of awesome vintage Disneyland pictures I look to Gorillas Don't Blog. These Matterhorn pictures from 1963 really did the trick! 

      - Le Parcorama compiled a terrific collection of Disney based animated gifs!

      - California Grill has finally re-opened at The Contemporary after a lengthy refurbishment... and Disney Food Blog covered it extensively. Obviously!

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