Friday, September 20, 2013

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Display

   This is part of our Animal Kingdom Artifact series exhibiting the amazing artwork found in the atriums at Kidani Village.  These atriums are basically mini museums...with each floor housing a different theme.  Though they're tucked away, these little rooms often have some of the most beautiful pieces in the entire lodge. We recently brought you themes on protection and imports...and today we will share african art on the theme of "Display."

Asante Royal State Sword
This royal state sword from Ghana symbolized 
the wealth and power of the king who carried it. 

Maasai Gourd (left)
Maasai women from Kenya decorate gourd
containers that are used to carry a mixture
of milk and blood that has long been a staple
of their diet. 

Tikar Men's Prestige Hat
Titled males in Cameroon wear hats to signify
their rank within society

Ibo Kola Bowl
An important Ibo chief in Nigeria kept this
bowl in the entrance of his house to offer
kola nuts to his subjects.

Mumuye Shoulder Mask
The Mumuye people of Nigeria danced this
large mask on their shoulders in a plea to
the spirits to produce rain. 

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