Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Amazing Mural At The Yak & Yeti Bathrooms

   Recently we shared some phenomenally themed flyers found near the Yak & Yeti counter service restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom. We loved the "flying yak" poster so much that we turned it into a desktop wallpaper!
   Located in the general vicinity of where those photos were taken is another gorgeously themed detail. Just beyond the entrance way to the restrooms is a colorful ornate mural.  Sure, most people don't want to linger in this little portico...considering everyone passing by you is about to do their business.  However, I saw this as an opportunity to bring you a detail from Anandapur that you might otherwise have passed by.

From just outside the restrooms...

scan of the pretty!

   I love the fact that there is both a man and a woman pointing the way toward their designated restroom!  Its random fun and colorful details like this that make Animal Kingdom the special park that it is. 

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