Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yak & Yeti: Flying Yak Desktop Wallpaper!

   Hey guys! I had so much fun showing off these fun posters from Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom, that I knew I had to do something with them to appease our readers! I didn't realize what big fans everyone was of these silly posters! :)

   Probably the most popular of these posters is the above "flying yak"...which apparently was at some point made into a tee shirt available at Animal Kingdom.  So I used him as a jumping off point for a fun and colorful desktop wallpaper for your computer.  Feel free (obligated maybe?) to click the image for a higher resolution and then set it as your new screen.

   Dont forget, this wasn't our first Animal Kingdom desktop wallpaper! Thanks for reading kiddos, hope you're having a great week so far!  
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  1. Thanks so much for a great post about the Pc wallpapers. I'd like to know more about these topics and hope that I can receive more insight into this topic.

    1. Thank you so much, Aaron! I've visited your site and I can say it will be in my favorite list with a vector free download site. I use stock photos and images for my work.

  2. Hi Adam or Andrew,

    I really like your flying yak poster and would like to include it as an illustration in a cultural history of the yak that I am researching for an English publisher (Reaktion Books). Could you possibly provide me with a high resolution file (at least 300 dpi) of the poster? I'd naturally include your name or the blog's name in the book's photo credits. You can contact me at:

    I'd really appreciate your help with this project.

    Michael Engelhard
    (in Fairbanks, Alaska)

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