Friday, August 16, 2013

Walkin Right Down The Middle Of Main Street...At Night!

   The victorian charm of Main Street USA is enough to melt anyones stodgy cold heart. Am I right?  Between the sights, smells (popcorn and cookies!!!!), and beyond catchy sounds,  it is hard to have a bad time on Main Street.
   On a recent trip, I wanted to capture exactly how I feel every time I end my day with that iconic stroll.  Imagine yourself in the middle of a long vacation, after one of the best days of your life, on your way back to your resort for a restful sleep.  Join me, as I lazily walk toward the train station in this video.

   Charming, right?!?!  Whats your favorite thing about Main Street USA? Let us know on Twitter or over on Facebook!  


  1. I have never noticed the song "Meet Me In St. Louis" playing before -- which is surprising because it's one of my favorite films! I sure hope that was you two faintly singing along in the background. Love, such a delightful little video.

    1. It was us singing! One of our favorite fils ever! :)

  2. I thought about it, but I can't isolate any one thing about Main Street... It's just the whole nostalgic "Gay Nineties" atmosphere created by the architecture, the music, the lighting, and everything. It's one of my favourite lands, and the only one I would describe as a favourite simply for the atmosphere.