Monday, August 12, 2013

How The Disney Hipsters Have Changed Park Touring

   We're joined today by one of my favorite bloggers, and one of our very first friends in the Disney Community! Please welcome Estelle from This Happy Place Blog, one of the most insanely readable and positive blogs around!  She's helping us celebrate our 2nd anniversary! Take it away... 

   I can’t tell you how excited I am to be writing this post to celebrate the Hipsters’ second blogging anniversary! It seems like just yesterday, I was sitting around in my house awaiting Hurricane Irene, and reading all the posts on a quirky blog I had just discovered. I immediately fell for the Hipsters’ creativity and wit and excitement for the parks, and felt that even though our opinions didn’t always align… they brought the same qualities to a Disney blog that I wanted to bring to This Happy Place Blog.
   Now after two years, some collaboration, many laughs, and an NYC meet up, I can sit here and positively say that the Hipsters have influenced the way I travel in the parks, the way I study all that is around me when I’m there, opened my mind to new possibilities, and let me know that it is okay to think critically about something that means so much to the three of us.
   I love it. That’s what this online community is all about right?  So in light of all of that, here are just a few ways my Disney trips have become a little more hipster:

   1. Exploration of Norway.

   Truth is, I always thought this pavilion was beautiful but I didn’t spend enough time looking at it. Thanks to Adam and Andrew I am constantly checking out the details now (and cursing the children who think it’s okay to climb all over the buildings). But most important of all, I never would have known about school bread, which I tried during a short trip a few summers ago. Final thoughts: loved it.

   2. Animal Kingdom Lodge.

   Honestly, I no longer can call this resort AKL. Instead, my head immediately says “oh the Hipsters’ favorite.” The resort loops, the endless artifacts, the theming details… they have really introduced me to a whole different place than I knew before. And how about Victoria Falls and the zebra domes? (Somehow this all leads back to food.) Truth? My husband and I had our first zebra dome in March and guess who I tweeted immediately? Final thoughts: how many of these can I stuff in my purse next time?

   3. The importance of dressing your best for the parks.

   A fashion blogger I used to follow (hint) once said she had so much trouble dressing up for the parks, and then went on to criticize theme park food in Disney. I don’t think those two have much to do with each other, but she is kind of right about the first one. Most people in the parks are wearing shorts and t-shirts and socks with sandals or something. But I always admire the Hipsters for looking so adorable and put-together. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t be cute and comfortable while roaming the parks, right? Especially if you are going to be nursing a pretty cocktail later in the day. I might never be as dapper as these two or convince the husband to wear a bowtie, BUT I do appreciate their efforts and think twice about the clothes that will inevitably be in a ton of pictures THAT WILL LAST FOREVER.

   4. Good design/bad design.

   Even when I was redesigning THP this year, I couldn’t help but think these words when going back and forth on the final touches: WHAT WOULD THE HIPSTERS DO? (I think we all need bracelets that say this.) “Good design/bad design” was always one of my favorite segments on their podcast. It may sound like a simple idea but I think the concept is really a testament to how much Disney fans appreciate complex and intricate details. Sure, we want things to look nice but we want to feel something too. Needless to say, I’m humming this little ditty many times during my vacation.

   5. Be yourself.

   This last one serves as a plea to Disney parks in general: maintain the uniqueness for which we love you so much. And the second: when I started blogging on the outskirts of the Disney community I knew I wanted to be someone who wrote original content and when I saw the Hipsters had a similar mantra, I felt instantly lifted. Even though we didn’t know each other. (Or the fact that I grew up just 10 minutes away from where they live.) I just felt more okay in my decision not to be like other people. The Hipsters always stand by their opinions, and in their own way, challenge Disney and us fans to accept only the best and voice those expectations when we have the platform.

   Another huge thanks to the Hipsters for asking me to write this today (and letting me steal a few of their pictures). Their constant support and enthusiasm makes blogging so rewarding for me. I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens in their third year of mayhem on the web!

   Here’s to more vegetarian offerings, brilliant aesthetics always, and more Disney fun!


  1. Here's to two great years! Cheers, gents!

  2. I soooo agree with you. (although I do enjoy cargo shorts). And good design/ bad design? I LOVE that game and was lucky enough to play it on the show with them. :)

  3. Just a random story/thought/rant about dressing your best in the parks...My aunt accompanied me on a trip to WDW in April, and thought I was absolutely insane for doing my hair and makeup (the way I do everyday, might I add. Nothing over the top) before going to the parks. I don't understand why some people think it's ok to throw on a dumpy old t-shirt and shorts, and the most unsightly socks and sneakers because they're going to be walking around a theme park. I want to look good in our pictures, they're our memories! It's so easy to look good and be comfortable; why would you purposely pack your worst clothes?

    1. On our last trip to Disneyland, the cast member at Autopia told my fiancee and I that we were dressed "too cute for Disneyland." It was funny, but we're still trying to wrap our minds around that.