Monday, August 19, 2013

Hipsters Dining in the Parks: A Culinary Love Story.

   I'm beyond words excited for our last guest post to celebrate our two year blogging anniversary!  Sarah, from the phenomenally entertaining EatingWDW, shares some of our similar foodie aesthetics...and some of her favorite veggie foods!  Take it away...
   First and foremost, I would like to thank the Hipsters for inviting me to guest post on their blog in celebration of their two year blogging anniversary. Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment! I’ve been drawn to many aspects of their blog, including the photography, writing style, and attention to what many find as the minor, unimportant details tucked around the parks and resorts. They’ve also helped me to open my eyes to both look for and try a lot more vegetarian items in my own exploration of property!
   Because of their love of Animal Kingdom (and Animal Kingdom Lodge), I’ve spent a lot more time exploring and dining in that part of the World over the past couple years. Favorite food finds include the new crispy samosa at Mr. Kamal’s, where they’ve also added a falafel sandwich.  A flavorful and hearty South African quinoa salad is served at Tamu Tamu Refreshments and hits the spot on a hot summer day. I can’t help but stop for cocktails at both Dawa Bar in the park and Victoria Falls at AKL, and I too appreciate the sweet bite of the Zebra Dome. I’ll happily sneak away to The Mara at the lodge for a package to bring home!

   Looking to Epcot, the Hipsters certainly have an adoration of Norway, and the pavilion certainly gets its fair share of my attention! While I’ve always been a fan of the rice cream from Kringla, it’s the Hipsters’ love of the school bread that got me to order it (and I can’t wait to try the vegetable torte!). We share a love of imbibing around World Showcase and aren’t afraid to mix beer and liquor (stopping in Germany for a soft pretzel to help soak up the booze is always a welcome treat). Despite Adam and Andrew being torn on their deliciousness, if it wasn’t for them, I probably never would have tried the chocolate dipped grapes from Karamelle-Küche. Even Future World recently added an impressive vegetarian flatbread at Electric Umbrella that could possibly get their stamp of approval. Plus, these guys will get their kitchen dirty recreating their favorite Disney recipes at home, to which I can completely relate. I can’t wait for cooler weather to cook up a Food & Wine Festival favorite, Bunny Chow!

   Hollywood Studios can be a bit more tricky to navigate for vegetarians, but you can find some decent options! While certainly one of my least favorite establishments to dine at in the park, ABC Commissary serves a couscous, quinoa and arugula salad. While it could take some cues from the aforementioned African quinoa salad, it’s a good start. Even Studio Catering Company’s grilled vegetable sandwich is a step up from standard veggie burgers around property, and you can even see that you’re eating veggies! 50’s Prime Time Café serves a delicious fried herb and garlic cheese, and you can order it from Tune-In Lounge for a faster snack. Don’t forget a cocktail there as well! Speaking of, I wish more bar seating was offered at the Studios, particularly at Mama Melrose, because I’d love to swing in for an Italian Surfer, even if only to go. And although it may not be a FREE funnel cake, I’ll happily visit Writer’s Stop for an infamous carrot cake cookie.

   One of my favorite quick snacks in Magic Kingdom is a vegetarian egg roll from the little red cart in Adventureland, especially when they’re served piping hot. But one cannot live on egg rolls alone! While I’ve dined on numerous occasions at Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom, the Lighthouse Sandwich and vegetarian chili are two Hipster picks I really need to try. Their beloved Vegetarian Pot Pie has disappeared from Liberty Tree Tavern’s menu, but they can still enjoy their desserts. If I need a sugar fix from there, I’ll take a Patriot Punch! I mean, how can you not love the mug that the sweet, orangey frozen drink is served in, which you can take home? They might want to head over to be our guest for the Seasonal Salad Trio, which was fantastic on my recent dinner visit. The Hipsters and I alike can also find joy in two simple words: Topping Bar, both found at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, the latter of which where fans can bask in the musical stylings of none other than Sonny Eclipse. Yes, those magical topping bars can really step up a veggie burger!

   Thank you again to Adam and Andrew for allowing me to celebrate this accomplishment with them. Your posts always entertain, and I look forward to what the future has in store. Cheers to the Disney Hipsters and many more wonderful years of blogging! 

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