Monday, August 5, 2013

Food Review: Bradley Falls at Animal Kingdom!

   Nestled within the jungles of Borneo Disney's Animal Kingdom along the walkway between Asia and Africa is an oasis unlike no other in Walt Disney World.  Bradley Falls is an entirely vegetarian food kiosk! What?!
   Size-wise it more closely resembles a Food and Wine Festival kiosk than Cosmic Ray's. No, this is hardly a restaurant...but heck, I'll take what I can get.  The menu is small, but efficient considering the "on the go" schedule of most WDW visitors.  It consists of steamed edamame, cold noodle salad, fruit salad, and summer rolls.  
   We visited recently to enjoy a quick light lunch in the middle of our busy day of touring the park...

      First up, the summer rolls!  Though you can find fried eggrolls pretty easily throughout Disney World, I believe this is the only quick service spot to have summer rolls, which are wrapped in rice paper and served cold.
      Oftentimes summer rolls can be rubbery and hard to chew, but the rice paper on these were perfectly pliant!  You're not going to get that deep fried (aka yummy) flavor of an egg roll...the goal here is to let the inside ingredients speak for themselves.   Jicama, ginger, mint and rice noodles coexist  in a wonderfully fresh mix.  Don't be too scared of the ginger is very subtle, in fact the star here is a refreshing amount of mint.  The rolls are served with a standard peanut sauce, but I would have preferred soy sauce.  Something about putting a heavy sauce on those delicate rolls seemed wrong.

   Next we delved into something a little more substantial, the asian noodle salad.  This, like the summer rolls, is served cold.  Though it would be nice to have a warm dish available, we totally understand given the limited space that this place has.
   The simple noodles (soba? don't really remember...) are dressed up nicely with broccoli, snow peas, red peppers, and shredded carrot. The vegetables are cooked perfectly, each with a little bit of bite to it, without being underdone.  The broccoli in particular is wonderful, taking into consideration Disney's past history of over cooked broccoli.  The dish is topped off with scallions and black sesame.  Don't overlook the sesame component here...the taste is substantial, and an interesting choice.  
   Adam thought the dish could have used a salty element too it...and I can't disagree.  The flavors were all there, except salt.  Good thing we had snagged some soy sauce from Yak and Yeti earlier in the day! In the end Adam used the peanut sauce as well to dress it up a bit, and this was delicious indeed.

   I can't tell you how much I appreciate Bradley Falls! It may be small, it may be out of the way, but you know what? Something is better than nothing.  As a vegetarian who has both struggled and thrived at Walt Disney World, I'll take this as another win for my team.  The fact that Animal Kingdom is slowly becoming more and more veggie friendly has me hugely optimistic toward my future dining options!

   Have you ever been to Bradley Falls? Do you LOVE LOVE LOVE it??  Hate it?!?!  Let us know over on Twitter!