Friday, August 30, 2013

A Look at the UK Pavilion's Crown & Crest

   If you are a fan of Disney Hipster Blog you know that the past year we have been trying to become more intimately familiar with random Epcot details. Not trivia, or history per se...but actual tangible knowledge. Information on the Monkey Puzzle Tree?? Sure we got that. A look into Chinese architecture? I don't see why not. Get the idea?
   A few months ago we looked at The Tea Caddy (aka, the Twinings tea shop), and today we're staying in the UK...

Crown & Crest facade...

   The Crown And Crest is located opposite The Tea Caddy in the little side corridor of the UK pavilion.  It is interesting to note the architectural variance in this pavilion. Much like Norway, each facade is an interpretation on a prominent architectural style in the UK.  The Crown & Crest has a gorgeous facade displaying tropes of  gothic revival style, including ornate flourishes in the stonework throughout.  As a jumping off point for the building Abbotsford House, an impressive Scottish estate was examined for inspiration.  The estate is open to the public, and no longer occupied if you ever happen to be in the area. :)

beautiful signage!

   The beautiful signage outside all but begs you to take a look inside.  Good thing here? You get exactly what the sign implies.  The Crown & Crest allows you the opportunity to look up your last name and view your family coat of arms.  Yes, its kind of silly...but also a fun keepsake. If you choose to have your coat of arms framed here is the place to do it.

   The design and decoration inside fits the looming outside perfectly!  Make sure to look up into the vaulted ceiling where you will find flags, banners, and some amazing weaponry!  The chandeliers are also quite gorgeous.  This shop seriously has one of the best themed interiors in all of World Showcase.

more weapons on the wall. ouchie!

 wonderfully themed interior!

   The interior is flanked with ornate dark wood, displaying all of your shopping needs!  The back lit items really do imply an certain importance that you don't necessarily get with plush.  There are a few "off the rack" items here, if you aren't interested in your coat of arms. 

   That is just a small overview of this fabulous show.  Sure, I've never felt the need to look up any aspect of my family (I think our coat of arms is a skeleton holding a Bud Lite...) but it is definitely worth poking around for a bit next time you're in World Showcase!