Friday, August 30, 2013

A Look at the UK Pavilion's Crown & Crest

   If you are a fan of Disney Hipster Blog you know that the past year we have been trying to become more intimately familiar with random Epcot details. Not trivia, or history per se...but actual tangible knowledge. Information on the Monkey Puzzle Tree?? Sure we got that. A look into Chinese architecture? I don't see why not. Get the idea?
   A few months ago we looked at The Tea Caddy (aka, the Twinings tea shop), and today we're staying in the UK...

Crown & Crest facade...

   The Crown And Crest is located opposite The Tea Caddy in the little side corridor of the UK pavilion.  It is interesting to note the architectural variance in this pavilion. Much like Norway, each facade is an interpretation on a prominent architectural style in the UK.  The Crown & Crest has a gorgeous facade displaying tropes of  gothic revival style, including ornate flourishes in the stonework throughout.  As a jumping off point for the building Abbotsford House, an impressive Scottish estate was examined for inspiration.  The estate is open to the public, and no longer occupied if you ever happen to be in the area. :)

beautiful signage!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yak & Yeti: Flying Yak Desktop Wallpaper!

   Hey guys! I had so much fun showing off these fun posters from Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom, that I knew I had to do something with them to appease our readers! I didn't realize what big fans everyone was of these silly posters! :)

   Probably the most popular of these posters is the above "flying yak"...which apparently was at some point made into a tee shirt available at Animal Kingdom.  So I used him as a jumping off point for a fun and colorful desktop wallpaper for your computer.  Feel free (obligated maybe?) to click the image for a higher resolution and then set it as your new screen.

   Dont forget, this wasn't our first Animal Kingdom desktop wallpaper! Thanks for reading kiddos, hope you're having a great week so far!  
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Cult Food: Sanaa Bread Service

   On this weeks episode of Disney Hipsters Too we review Animal Kingdom Lodge's Sanaa. (Hint: its amazing.) And since it was fresh on the mind, I decided to delve into the glorious world of Sanaa's infamous bread service!!!  I am so surprised that this hasn't been discussed on this blog before...

   Sanaa is located on the lower level of the lobby at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village.  The restaurant itself is worth checking out, regardless of whether or not you're dining here...its seriously gorgeous.  The dining room is decorated with African art and artifacts, and has a very intimate feel to it.  The ceiling is decorated to resemble a canopy of trees, and soft lines differentiate one banquette from the next.  In addition to all the fantastic artwork the view here literally can't be beat.  The windows look out over the Sunset Savanna and toward Jambo House.  The animals on the savanna are often times just a few yards from your table! 

   Sure, the atmosphere is spectacular, but I cannot survive on atmosphere alone!  In the end its the delicious food (veggie friendly!) that keeps me coming back to Sanaa.  Though I seriously enjoy all of the vegetarian offerings here, the bread service is one of the most amazing things at Walt Disney World! 
   So, the deal is, there are five different Indian and African breads and nine different accompaniments in the bread service.  You can either choose three breads and three dips for $8.99...or do the smart thing and get three breads and all nine dips for a mere $10.99.  Seriously...thats two dollars extra for six extra accompaniments! Why not, right?!?!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Three Charming Pieces of It's A Small World Concept Art

   The Art And Flair Of Mary Blair is a treasure.  This book is so filled with whimsical, stark, gorgeous pieces of Disney history that it rarely leaves our coffee table.  It is such a pleasure to randomly flip to a page and be inspired.  Such is the case today.
   Toward the end of her main stint with the Disney company, Walt's utilization of her talent switched from film to attractions, most notably It's A Small World.  The giant warehouse that would be used at the 1964 Worlds Fair where the attraction debuted would be a fitting location for the harsh black backgrounds often used by Blair.  This color theory trick of vibrant colors against a dark single plane of black and dark grey was prominent in her work since the early 1940's.
   In film these images are just used as a jumping off point for background artists and animators, but her Blair's work is carried through to completion.  It's A Small World is a sincere living tribute to her magical work.

Incredible concept art for the Papua New Guinea scene... 

Another from New Guinea. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Awesome Themed Posters At Yak And Yeti

   The random signage found throughout both Harambe and Anandapur at Disney's Animal Kingdom have gained notoriety for above average theming.  They're gritty, silly, and have wonderful design aspects. Above all, they're basically the imagineering equivalent of graffiti advertisement.  When we're in cities we expect to see advertisements plastering the walls in a ramshackle fashion in every conceivable corner, and its no surprise that they're included here as well.
   The average park guest might not notice the absence of these terrific tongue in cheek posters, but that isn't what Imagineering an environment is all about.  To fully encapsulate the atmosphere of a developing city on the outskirts of wilderness the underbelly has to be represented (albeit, in a happy silly Disney way...) as well as the facade.
   Just behind the Yak & Yeti counter service restaurant in Anandapur, where the majority of the seating is, are some of these fun posters.  Because there is basically nothing I can eat at this restaurant I'd had no reason to explore back here.  But, curiosity got the best of me on a recent trip...and I found posters that I'd never seen. Enjoy.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hipsters Dining in the Parks: A Culinary Love Story.

   I'm beyond words excited for our last guest post to celebrate our two year blogging anniversary!  Sarah, from the phenomenally entertaining EatingWDW, shares some of our similar foodie aesthetics...and some of her favorite veggie foods!  Take it away...
   First and foremost, I would like to thank the Hipsters for inviting me to guest post on their blog in celebration of their two year blogging anniversary. Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment! I’ve been drawn to many aspects of their blog, including the photography, writing style, and attention to what many find as the minor, unimportant details tucked around the parks and resorts. They’ve also helped me to open my eyes to both look for and try a lot more vegetarian items in my own exploration of property!
   Because of their love of Animal Kingdom (and Animal Kingdom Lodge), I’ve spent a lot more time exploring and dining in that part of the World over the past couple years. Favorite food finds include the new crispy samosa at Mr. Kamal’s, where they’ve also added a falafel sandwich.  A flavorful and hearty South African quinoa salad is served at Tamu Tamu Refreshments and hits the spot on a hot summer day. I can’t help but stop for cocktails at both Dawa Bar in the park and Victoria Falls at AKL, and I too appreciate the sweet bite of the Zebra Dome. I’ll happily sneak away to The Mara at the lodge for a package to bring home!

   Looking to Epcot, the Hipsters certainly have an adoration of Norway, and the pavilion certainly gets its fair share of my attention! While I’ve always been a fan of the rice cream from Kringla, it’s the Hipsters’ love of the school bread that got me to order it (and I can’t wait to try the vegetable torte!). We share a love of imbibing around World Showcase and aren’t afraid to mix beer and liquor (stopping in Germany for a soft pretzel to help soak up the booze is always a welcome treat). Despite Adam and Andrew being torn on their deliciousness, if it wasn’t for them, I probably never would have tried the chocolate dipped grapes from Karamelle-K├╝che. Even Future World recently added an impressive vegetarian flatbread at Electric Umbrella that could possibly get their stamp of approval. Plus, these guys will get their kitchen dirty recreating their favorite Disney recipes at home, to which I can completely relate. I can’t wait for cooler weather to cook up a Food & Wine Festival favorite, Bunny Chow!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Walkin Right Down The Middle Of Main Street...At Night!

   The victorian charm of Main Street USA is enough to melt anyones stodgy cold heart. Am I right?  Between the sights, smells (popcorn and cookies!!!!), and beyond catchy sounds,  it is hard to have a bad time on Main Street.
   On a recent trip, I wanted to capture exactly how I feel every time I end my day with that iconic stroll.  Imagine yourself in the middle of a long vacation, after one of the best days of your life, on your way back to your resort for a restful sleep.  Join me, as I lazily walk toward the train station in this video.

   Charming, right?!?!  Whats your favorite thing about Main Street USA? Let us know on Twitter or over on Facebook!  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Epcot's China: Tomb Warriors!

   One of the simple pleasures of being a Disney fan is jumping into random subjects that have all but the smallest ties to Walt Disney World.  Though it has never been one of our favorite World Showcase pavilions we have spent a bit of time learning to appreciate the China pavilion recently. In January we explored the history of the featured architecture, and even featured this spot in a recent Sunday Quickie!  So at the very least we're trying our hardest...
   Furthering our survey of this grand pavilion, were actually going inside the Temple of Heaven, to examine the (seemingly forever) ongoing Tomb Warriors exhibit!

   The exhibit is located just to the left of the waiting area for Reflections of China, and features a gorgeous entryway that builds up the anticipation!  Flanking each side of the entrance are life-size ominous warriors, a precursor to the artifacts located within.

Monday, August 12, 2013

How The Disney Hipsters Have Changed Park Touring

   We're joined today by one of my favorite bloggers, and one of our very first friends in the Disney Community! Please welcome Estelle from This Happy Place Blog, one of the most insanely readable and positive blogs around!  She's helping us celebrate our 2nd anniversary! Take it away... 

   I can’t tell you how excited I am to be writing this post to celebrate the Hipsters’ second blogging anniversary! It seems like just yesterday, I was sitting around in my house awaiting Hurricane Irene, and reading all the posts on a quirky blog I had just discovered. I immediately fell for the Hipsters’ creativity and wit and excitement for the parks, and felt that even though our opinions didn’t always align… they brought the same qualities to a Disney blog that I wanted to bring to This Happy Place Blog.
   Now after two years, some collaboration, many laughs, and an NYC meet up, I can sit here and positively say that the Hipsters have influenced the way I travel in the parks, the way I study all that is around me when I’m there, opened my mind to new possibilities, and let me know that it is okay to think critically about something that means so much to the three of us.
   I love it. That’s what this online community is all about right?  So in light of all of that, here are just a few ways my Disney trips have become a little more hipster:

   1. Exploration of Norway.

   Truth is, I always thought this pavilion was beautiful but I didn’t spend enough time looking at it. Thanks to Adam and Andrew I am constantly checking out the details now (and cursing the children who think it’s okay to climb all over the buildings). But most important of all, I never would have known about school bread, which I tried during a short trip a few summers ago. Final thoughts: loved it.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Few of My Favorite (Disney Hipster) Things

   Throughout the month of August we are celebrating our 2nd blog anniversary!  Yay!  In addition to our fun giveaway ( that you can still enter to win!!! ) we have also asked some of our very favorite bloggers to contribute guest posts to our site!  I am so happy to welcome Melissa from Mouse On The Mind...take it away!

   I was so happy when I got the message from Adam and Andrew: they wanted me to help them celebrate their second anniversary as the Disney Hipster Blog. I mean, who doesn’t love the Hipsters?  They're such a fierce, fun and funny voice in the Disney fan community, and I can always count on them to add a touch of snark to my Disney day.
   And while I would not be the first (or even the second or third) to call myself a Hipster, there is quite a bit over overlap between what I love about Disney and what Adam and Andrew love about Disney. While we may never agree on Park-appropriate attire, I always connect with the Hipsters over these, my favorite Disney Hipster things:

   Dinoland U.S.A. The guys have a well-documented love of the underrated and super-themed section of Disney's Animal Kingdom. I do, too. And I hope to someday ride Primeval Whirl with them until we're sick … and then head over to Restaurantosaurus for some stomach-settling lunch.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Food Review: Bradley Falls at Animal Kingdom!

   Nestled within the jungles of Borneo Disney's Animal Kingdom along the walkway between Asia and Africa is an oasis unlike no other in Walt Disney World.  Bradley Falls is an entirely vegetarian food kiosk! What?!
   Size-wise it more closely resembles a Food and Wine Festival kiosk than Cosmic Ray's. No, this is hardly a restaurant...but heck, I'll take what I can get.  The menu is small, but efficient considering the "on the go" schedule of most WDW visitors.  It consists of steamed edamame, cold noodle salad, fruit salad, and summer rolls.  
   We visited recently to enjoy a quick light lunch in the middle of our busy day of touring the park...

      First up, the summer rolls!  Though you can find fried eggrolls pretty easily throughout Disney World, I believe this is the only quick service spot to have summer rolls, which are wrapped in rice paper and served cold.
      Oftentimes summer rolls can be rubbery and hard to chew, but the rice paper on these were perfectly pliant!  You're not going to get that deep fried (aka yummy) flavor of an egg roll...the goal here is to let the inside ingredients speak for themselves.   Jicama, ginger, mint and rice noodles coexist  in a wonderfully fresh mix.  Don't be too scared of the ginger is very subtle, in fact the star here is a refreshing amount of mint.  The rolls are served with a standard peanut sauce, but I would have preferred soy sauce.  Something about putting a heavy sauce on those delicate rolls seemed wrong.