Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Tea Caddy, Also Known As The Twinings Tea Shop

   Amongst its many shops, the UK pavilion at Epcot provides very little in goods I'd be willing to buy. Don't get me wrong, the shops are all super lovely and well themed, and I spend a good while perusing their wares. Its always fun to LOOK at Yellow Submarine merchandise...and who DOESNT ogle over the cool stuff in The Crown And Crest?   However, one shop sits among the useless nonsense and provides actual practical (but still fun...) souvenirs.

 No matter how long I waited, I could NOT get a picture with no one in it... :(

   Oftentimes known simply as the Twinings Tea Shop, The Tea Caddy is one of the better stores in all of Walt Disney World.  I'm not saying this as a lover of tea (which I am...) or even as a World Showcase junky, but as a fan of unique merchandise located in specific themed shops.  As Disney World becomes further and further homogenized the stores start to meld together into a giant blah plush wasteland. 
   Here at the Tea Caddy merchandise has remained loyal to the theme, both inside and out.  Reminiscent of a popular architectural british style of the 1500's the plank walls and faux thatched roof are meticulously detailed...and dare I say? Charming.  So charming in fact, there is no wonder why Alice often has her meet and greet next to this adorable building. 

   Founded in 1706, the original Twinings Tea Shop is still in operation in central London.  The company has grown to an enormous peddler of caffeine to say the least, and a great variety can be found here at The Tea Caddy!  Standard black teas are represented with gusto, but there is also a good variety of flavored, green, and herbal teas as you might expect. (and instant Twinings iced tea! What?!?!)

   In addition to the tea selection there is a good assortment of tea accessories.  Delicately designed tea sets, with intricate little handles that practically beg your pinkie to raise sit among more sturdy and practical Price and Kensington pots. (Adam has a few of these, and trust me, they're indestructible!)

   The residential appearance of the facade is carried through inside as well.  Various "period specific" artifacts are located throughout. Most sit blandly on shelfs, or among the tea displays. However the gigantic stone fireplace is of note, and does add to the cozy atmosphere of the shop.

   Do you love the Tea Caddy? If not, whats your favorite shop in Epcot?  Let us know via Twitter or Facebook!


  1. I LURVE THE TEA CADDY. It's just so cozy. I usually stock up on British candy bars and those Mickey-embossed Walkers Shortbread cookies there!

  2. I cannot wait to check this shop out when I'm there in September. I love tea and definitely need some Twinings cold-brew iced tea in my life.

  3. Blah Plush Wasteland is the name of my new (fictional) electro-pop band.

    Great post!