Friday, July 19, 2013

The Characters of Donald's Safari Breakfast!

   On the most recent episode of Disney Hipsters Too (which I'm sure you ALL subscribe to on iTunes...right?) we review Donald's Safari Breakfast!  Between Adam, myself, and Mike and David from we were a little harsh on the food offerings at this buffet.  Heck, we just aren't breakfast people I guess.  One thing that IS quite amazing at this restaurant are the characters available to interact with and take photos.
   Before being seated inside the restaurant, guests are all but required to line up to meet Donald Duck in his safari finest. You can potentially opt out of waiting in line for this photo opportunity...but what would be the point?  Donald DOES NOT interact with guests once inside the catch him while you can!

could this be any weirder? 

   Once seated and "enjoying" your meal, your table will be visited periodically by roaming characters!  These characters follow a charted course around the dining room and will spend ample time with you to interact.  These characters are usually accompanied by a character handler who would be more than happy to take your picture!  Donald's Safari Breakfast includes...



and the lovely Daisy...

   Sure, the food is nothing to write home about. (unless you enjoy a big breakfast...) But the characters available, and their adorable outfits almost make it worth the extra money to eat here.