Monday, July 8, 2013

Just Off The Beaten Path: Pangani Forest Trail Bones

   Though I prefer to spend time in Asia's Maharajah Jungle Trek, I was determined to fully explore Africa's Pangani Forest Exploration Trail on a recent visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom!  One of my favorite things about these immensely under appreciated attractions is the fact that they are ridiculously detailed!  Not only are you awarded the opportunity to LEARN while having fun, but the theming is above average even for Disney World.  ( read a little bit more about the detailed theming here...)

   Besides being able to see live animals such as Okapi, hippos, and naked mole rats, there are plenty of totally awesome exhibits with full animal skeletons! Cool, right???  On this recent visit, determined to realize my mission and explore the trail to its full capacity...I noticed an area off the beaten path.

   Luckily, this area contained more than a place to get off your feet for a minute!  Here we find two really amazing skeletons under glass...and their "field reports" done by the "students."   The fact that these are located here, where nobody really ventures, is a testament to the theme of this area. Really really terrific.

   Do you LOVE the Pangani Forrest Exploration Trail? Or are you more of a Maharajah Jungle Trek type?  What about The Oasis?  Join the conversation with us! Either on Twitter or on Facebook!


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  2. Love all these small touches on the trails at the Animal Kingdom! The park has some issues, but the extra touches like you show here are the reason it's still worth visiting.