Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun With A Mini Phone Tripod At Disney Parks...

   If you're anything like Adam and myself, you like taking pictures.  More specifically, you like taking pictures of yourself.  Sure, I take the occasional selfie...but lets be honest, unless you are a master of maneuvering your arm the angle is often horrible and unflattering.  A mysterious double chin appears on me in selfies that I have no control over whatsoever.
   So what are you supposed to do in Disney parks?!?!  This is probably the most photogenic scenery in all the land, where no one could possible judge you for taking photos of yourself!  There are a few options here.  Most people will ask random vacationing strangers to take their photo.  This option is great...seeing that it breaks down social boundaries.  Most people are super excited to help you, and it's an even better moment if they ask you in return. Everyone is happy...until you realize what a crap-tastic photo they took. (Did they not realize that the WHOLE POINT of the photo was to have Sonny Eclipse in the background?!?!)

It was sweet of them to take the photo...but this is pretty bad. :/

   Perhaps an even more popular option is using Disney's Photopass.  The shots are usually ridiculously gorgeous, and the photographer will snap a few of them.  The best part is that they will gladly take photos with your camera as well as theirs.  The downside here is a two parter.  Those really gorgeous photos, cost money...a lot of money.  And the Photopass photographers always tend to be in the same couple of places. (Think in front of the Cinderella castle, Spaceship Earth, etc...)

Love the photo...but we seriously have dozens of photos in this same spot. 

   I come to you today with an even better option!  THE MINI PHONE TRIPOD!  One of the best gadgets to ever grace an iPhone!  The beauty of the mini tripod is that you don't have to bother anybody and you set up the shot in whatever location you like!  If the photo comes out bad?  Take another only have yourself to blame! 

   These simple contraptions are available on Amazon for super cheap.  We have three of them and I don't thing we've ever paid more than five bucks! The one pictured above is my favorite! The legs bend in every conceivable way, making the shot easier to set up. The biggest problem is taking your phone out of it. (I tend to leave mine on the tripod for days at a time... ) And now...some photos we've taken using the tripod. 

It's A Small World... 


 Solo touring in Adventureland!

I needed a photo drinking a dole whip ON the bridge! 

The beach at the Contemporary Resort...

   Another obstacle to take into consideration is having a timer on your phone.  Most photo apps do NOT have this feature, but there are a few out there.  We us the Photo Genius app, which has an adjustable length timer and works well enough...though the layout sucks. 
   Do you have any special iPhone camera gear that you bring along on your trips?  Let us know what is invaluable to you on vacation! Stuff you CANT LIVE WITHOUT! Via Twitter or Facebook!

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