Saturday, July 6, 2013

Disney Blog Roundup: 7/6/13

   What we were up to this week: 

      - Please keep in mind that we are on Summer vacation here on Disney Hipster Blog.
      - We reviewed the south african quinoa salad at Tamu Tamu! (spoiler: its yummy...)
      - Later in the week we shared layout and background images from The Little House.

   And lets not forget our friends:

      - Passport To Dreams relives some Fountain View history... and shares a video documenting it.

      - Ryan at Main Street Gazette ventures over to Territory Lounge for some awesome "bar food." I love this place!

      - Mouse On The Mind is continuing their terrific series Imagineering Awesome! This week, friend of Disney Hipster Blog Jeff, shares his idea for Oswald's Toon Town! So much fun!

      - Disney Food Blog saves the day! Reporting that the beloved Dole Whips are now vegan!!!! Say what?!?!

      - Mouse Troop shares two items on iTunes that I cannot live without!!!!  I had no idea these were available! :)

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