Monday, July 15, 2013

A Kringla Bakeri Review: Not About Schoolbread!

   On the very last day of our most recent Walt Disney World trip, Adam and I shook up our normal routine a little bit.  Though we DO usually visit Epcot on the last day (followed by a few, mournful hours at Animal Kingdom Lodge...) we usually stick to sweet things to eating sweets.  On this particular day we were feeling a little bit hungrier than usual...and decided to try something in Norway that WASNT a schoolbread!

   We have a slight obsession with the Norway pavilion at Epcot.  In addition to the whimsical nature of the architecture, and the dreamy Norwegian boys that work there, the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe is one of our FAVORITE places in the entire world.  Though the offerings here are small (mostly sweets, with a few savory lunch items...) it overcompensates with Norwegian charm!

the Norwegian girls are hustling...

   Though our "go to" treat here is the notorious school bread, we decided to treat ourselves to the vegetable torte!  This savory lunch item includes a copious amount of mushrooms, spinach, and potatoes in a creamy sauce.  The veggie melange is encased by a very thick flaky pastry that resembles both a puff pastry and pate brisee.  The whole thing is smothered in Jarlsberg (norwegian!) and Muenster cheese.

not much to look at...but WHOA. So good.

   The torte was served warm, which suited the dish well obviously.  The cheese had taken on a nice burnt salty crunch above, and had melted into a gooey delicious sauce below.  The vegetables are plentiful here, and cooked perfectly!  I was expecting the mushrooms to be rubbery, and the potatoes to be nearly mashed, but I was pleasantly surprised that neither were. Everything here is flavored very softly with black pepper and what I assume was a little nutmeg, which complimented the cheese based dish perfectly.  
   Between the veggies, gooey cheese, and pastry this is now a MUST GET dish on every Disney World trip for us.  And thus, we add yet another cult item to the ever growing list of Disney foods to obsess over. :/

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