Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Under The Florida Moon at The Wave

   Besides a weird fascination with the citrus infusion (found on the Disney standard bar menu...) I'm not all that into mixed drinks.  As a rabid beer fan, I usually feel like cocktails are too frivolous...especially those found at Disney World.  These concoctions are usually far too sweet for my taste, and I normally shy completely away from them.
   In the spirit of good blogging though, my eye was caught by an interesting sounding drink at The Wave. 

    Located on the lobby level of The Contemporary Resort, The Wave is a casual (if not SLIGHTLY more upscale...) restaurant serving new American fare.  The big draw here however, is the   enormous bar and lounge.   Dimly lit and almost cave like, this lounge is the perfect place to sneak away from the Magic Kingdom in the middle of the day and take a break.

   The most enticing thing about The Wave's bar is a very unique drink menu. That is to say, unique to Disney World.  While most bars/lounges serve the same beer, wine, and cocktails, The Wave is given a little wiggle room as they're emphasis is on organic/local/seasonal ingredients.  
   On this recent visit my eye was caught by the Under The Florida Moon cocktail!  Described as 4 Orange vodka, St. Germain Liqueur, agave nectar, orange juice, and topped with Blue Moon.   The fact that this drink included both St. Germain and a beer floater really intrigued me, so I went ahead and ordered it! 

   I have to say, this is one drink that did NOT disappoint!  While I wasn't expecting it to be served in a martini glass, this was a nice change of pace for me. Though I probably would have enjoyed it more in a collins glass over ice. 
   The predominant flavor here is orange, obviously...coming from both the vodka and the orange juice.  The interesting thing about 4 Orange Vodka is that it isn't orange flavored, but is the worlds only vodka that is distilled from oranges!  This lends a very subtle and interesting fruity flavor to the vodka, and is incredibly delicious! (think of how Ciroc has a subtle grape flavor...) St. Germain liqueur, a favorite of mine, offers a nice counter balance to the fruity orange. This elderberry liqueur lends a wonderful herbaceous, almost flowery element which I love. 
   The addition of Blue Moon to the mix is inspired!  Not only does it add a little bubbly action to the mix, but this beer being both subtly orange and herbaceous at the same time brings those two elements together in a really interesting way.  

   Like I said before, I personally would have enjoyed this drink more over ice...as it started to get a little warm, which was not nice.  Other than that, I couldn't recommend it more, especially on a hot summer day when you're looking for respite from the scorching Florida sun.  Try it the next time you're visiting the Contemporary!
   Have you tried any of the specialty cocktails at The Wave?  What about the food?  What are your thoughts?  Chime in!  Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook!

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  1. I haven't eaten at the Wave, but I love the lounge. I had the organic beer flight last time, and it was delicious.