Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Vacation.

   Hey guys! Over the next two months,  I will be in the process of restructuring Disney Hipster Blog...and rethinking our objectives for this site.  During this couple of months things here on the site will be much slower than normal.  Not dead...but slower.  Think three blog posts a week as opposed to the current five or six.  I'm going to use the extra time to benefit the future and supposed longevity of the blog.
   While I'm assuming that this is temporary, there is a chance that the new three a week model will stick around.  Again, we're just testing what works for the site.  Speaking of which, if you have any feedback (comments, likes, dislikes, etc...) please let us know.  We would really love the opportunity to improve the content here as well.   Thanks so much for everyones ridiculously awesome support.