Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our Disney Vacation, Told Through Vine Videos...

   Social media apps spring up seemingly every day with apparent ease...and disappear just as their about to take hold.   One of the new-ish social media apps, Vine , was embraced whole heartedly by the flourishing Twitter community.  (you do follow us on Twitter, right??)
   Vine allows the user to take videos with a maximum length of six seconds...using your touch screen as a sensitive "tap to activate" shutter.  The fact that these videos are easy to share on Twitter (our social media of choice...where you must already follow us. duh.) make this app quite addictive WHILE AT DISNEY WORLD!!!!!
   Here is our recent Disney World trip told in Vine videos....

   The last clip in this seriously makes me super sad!!! Nothing like going past the WDW entrance gate on your way to the airport. boo.


  1. This is neat...and very, very real. Would love to see more of these kind of slice-of-life Disney vacation videos!

  2. This was an awesome idea. I haven't seen anyone compile vine videos together yet. Disney Hipsters are trendsetters!