Saturday, June 15, 2013

Disney Blog Roundup: 6/14/13

I'm currently quite obsessed with this picture...

   We had a fun, albeit slow week over here at Disney Hipster Blog...

      - Guest blogger Mark Diba (@dibadisney on twitter...) wrote a terrific review of the new ice cream shop in France!
      - Then, I made this fun video featuring TriceraTop Spin! Yay! Kiddie rides!
      - We finished the week off reviewing a vegetarian dish at Landscape of Flavors! Remarkably yummy indeed!

   And now...what our friends have been up to!

      - Perennial favorite vintage photo blog, Gorillas Don't Blog shares some gorgeous Disneyland Instamatics!  Seriously awesome.

      - Mouse On The Mind continued a fun series called Imagineering Awesome... my favorite of which is a Magic Kingdom Sleep Hollow expansion! So great!

      - Disney By Mark is helping to perpetuate the Hollywood Studios expansion rumors... lets all cross our fingers! :)

      - Some beer love via Eating WDW, who got to enjoy the Bear Republic 5 IPA on a recent visit to Epcot.  I could always use one of these...

      - Breaking away from her usual food reviews, Disney Food Blog asks, "what disney restaurant do you want in your kitchen?" so much fun!!!

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