Saturday, June 1, 2013

Disney Blog Roundup: 6/1/13


   Nescafe Watch 2013 continues at Disney Hipster Headquarters.  While we DID get to enjoy that "coffee-esque" beverage on our last trip...who knows how long it will be available at WDW!  If you have any "Nescafe sightings" at Disney World, please keep us up to date! :)

    Last week on Disney Hipster Blog:

      - We started the week by recapping our monorail bar crawl! SO MUCH FUN!!!
      - Then took a look at the new Mickey meet and greet at Animal Kingdom!
      - And maybe the best dollar I've ever spent on a really bad Orlando guide book.

   And now on to the good stuff:

      - Passport To Dreams finished their AMAZING two parter about the origins of the Country Bear Jamboree! Seriously, do yourself the favor and read this. 

      - At least Sarah at Eating WDW enjoyed her breakfast/lunch at Tusker House... kind of. Maybe one day we will give it another shot. 

      - Gorillas Dont Blog shares some awesome un-rejected Disneyland instamatics pics.

      - Estelle at This Happy Place Blog revisits the Magic Kingdom's Crystal Palace after a ten year hiatus!

      -  A great review of the new Disneyland show "Mickey and the Magical Map" over on Mouse Troop! 

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