Saturday, June 29, 2013

Disney Blog Round Up: 6/29/13

   We had a BIG week here on Disney Hipster Blog!
      - We kicked off the week celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Enchanted Tiki Room with our Lets All Sing Like The Birdies Sing music video! Lots of fun!

      - Sticking with Adventureland, we shared our black and white portraits of the Tiki Drums!!!

      - With all that adventure, by Tuesday we were ready for a we reviewed a terrific drink at The Wave!  I really cant wait for another one...

      - AGH!  I wish we were the ones that got to review the new Starbucks on Main Street USA... but alas, our friend Megan beat us too it. :)

      - Thursday brought these amazing Mad Tea Party attraction posters! Which is your favorite?

      - Finally, our long running Animal Kingdom Artifact series continued on the theme of "protection."

   And lets not forget the amazing work by our friends!

      - Sarah at Eating WDW finally had a chance to visit the new Main Street Bakery / Starbucks!

      - Gorillas Dont Blog shares a few very random instamatic pictures from Disneyland.

      - See?? Even Pop Century has its endearing features! At least according to Estelle from This Happy Place Blog...
      - One of my favorite posts this week! Disney Food Blog looks at the Ten Best Frozen Drinks At Disney World!!!

      - Ryan from Main Street Gazette delves into a minute detail in Dinoland USA... one of my favorite areas in ANY park.

      - Le Parcorama has a fun post of the creepiest Disney park characters! Seriously awesome.

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