Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Background & Layout: King Neptune's Mermaids

   Disney has a storied history with under the sea themes between The Little Mermaid, and Bedknobs And Broomsticks. Long before either of those was King Neptune.  This colorful 1932 Silly Symphony is full of action, slapstick, and gorgeous underwater scenes. In fact, scenes from King Neptune went on to inspire The Little Mermaid.   Here is an interesting section from the Background & Layout book that I'm so fond of.

   I love seeing how the scene comes together! Even in its simplistic 1930's form the animation coming out of the studio is still mind boggling to me, especially considering the boundary pushing Silly Symphonies.
   Do you have a favorite animated short film?  Let us know over on Twitter!


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  2. I love Funny Little Bunnies - it's just so pretty to look at AND it involves chocolate. Win-win. :)


  3. I'm totally obsessed with you guys, i'm from brazil and taking my kiddo (2.5years) for the second time, two years in a row to disney world. Me and my husband went already to disney when we where kids, but now taking our own kid, we discovered ourselves as disney freeks, and now we want to go every year!!! Thanks for you guys for doing such a good job, taking a different and BETTER perspective from the magic stuff. We love you guys, we really hope that you would be there in October to meet you in person!
    Ps. sorry for my english, i'm not even correcting this text, i'm lazy at a lazy day at work, but i've got the courage to say that you two are fabulous people!

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