Friday, June 28, 2013

Animal Kingdom Artifacts: Protection

   Over the next few months Disney Hipster Blog will be displaying the "artifacts" located in themed atriums at Animal Kingdom Lodge's Kidani Village! We already looked at Imports... and today we're happy to share another of these fabulous rooms... each of which carries a distinct theme focused on African life.

Art that is believed to help a person's
health and well-being

Mambila Crow Mask
 The Mambila of north Camaroon believe that the ever
alert crow would signal the tribe of any aggressive, negative
force that may be coming. 

Yoruba diviners necklace
A yoruba diviner or fortune teller from Nigeria wore
this beaded necklace during rituals to help
forecast the future.  

Mambila dog figure
The mambila people of northern Nigeria used this 
dog shrine figure to ward of any evil forces that
threatened the village.  

Bana protective mask
The Bana, a sub-tribe of the Bamileke of Camaroon, 
danced this aggressive mask to counter negative spirits.  

Mumuye female figure
The mumuye people of Nigeria used this shrine
figure to influence the advent of rain. 

1 comment:

  1. Some of those bana masks are made with actual human hair (or so I was told). Here is a link to the bana mask actually in use from my time in the Peace Corps in Cameroon, if you fancy. I lost my mind my first stay at AKL in 2010 after I got home. So. Well. Done.

    Here is another shot of a different juju called Nkor. I wish AKL would put this mask on display. It's not a nice juju -- it throws sticks at people. It would be fun to scare the kids (and adults).