Friday, June 7, 2013

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Imports

  One of my favorite things about staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge is the amazing African artwork that takes over every conceivable corner of the massive hotel.  I am extremely familiar with the artwork/artifacts at Jambo House, but I was much less intimately familiar with the other side of the resort. On our recent trip I was pleased to discover that the artifacts at Kidani Village are just as stunning than at Jambo just have to poke around a little more.
   Like Jambo House, Kidani Village has atriums located on each floor.  Each of these atriums are full of artwork and each one has a different theme. Over the next couple months I'll be looking at some of the Kidani Village atriums...

art that illustrates the influence that
foreigners have had on Africa

Luba Colonial Figure
This welcome figure depicting a colonial officer
was placed at the entrance of a hotel in Lumumbashi,
Democratic Republic of Congo circa 1940's

close up of the figure... 

European coffee grinder and Pende European style hat 

European Telegraph Wire Bundle
Cut to a precise length and bundled in a fixed amount
these telegraph wire groups were reused as African
currency in coastal Nigeria. 

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