Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mad Tea Party Concept Art.

   Yes. I'm still pretty upset about the current closure of the Mad Tea Party.  In spite of my dismay I thought I'd share this awesome concept drawing for the original Disneyland version.  The teacups were an opening day attraction and, as you can see, changed quite a bit before actually being built.

   To be honest, the attraction in the artwork looks totally bad ass!  Characters everywhere, and banked curves!  A very pretty piece of Disneyland history indeed...


  1. So great! Don't recall seeing this before. I love how Disney concept art captures the "feeling" of the attraction even if, in the end, it develops to be physically different. I tell you I am getting dizzy looking at the drawing :{.

  2. Banked curves! It's practically a roller derby rink!
    So sorry about the closure for your visit.