Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1996 Bad Travel Guide Maps of WDW...

   While perusing the local used book store dollar bin I came across a bad Orlando area travel guide.  The 200 page book dedicated only 12 pages to Disney World.  Because Disney World is obviously such a small part of the Orlando experience, obviously they wouldn't spend too much time getting information and labels correct.  Here are the maps...included in the book.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Mickey Meet and Greet at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

   One of the things that I was most excited about before leaving for Walt Disney World earlier this month was the opening of the new meet and greet location at Disney's Animal Kingdom!  The new venue for Mickey and Minnie was scheduled to open on the day of our arrival, and we high tailed it over there as soon as we could!
   Mickey and Minnie had long held court over in Camp Minnie Mickey, and a more permanent structure was much needed.  A lot is going on in preparation for Avatar-land (or maybe something else?) at Animal Kingdom, and in the mean time characters are being shuffled around.  The retail shop Beastly Bazaar closed last Summer to provide the mice with a beautiful new home called Adventurers Outpost.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monorail Bar Crawl With The Disney Hipsters

   On this most recent trip to Walt Disney World I had one of the most fun evenings of my life.  It was silly, ridiculous, and made me feel like a kid again.   Adam, Jamie, Keith, and myself spent the evening imbibing and enjoying the sights of the WDW monorail hotels.  I can't believe how amped up a night of light drinking can become with the addition of that terrific Disney magic.  This seriously competes with drinking around the world as a new required activity.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Quickie: A Few From Our Epcot Arrival

   I have to confess something.  I have a really hard time NOT taking pictures of Spaceship Earth as we walk into Epcot on arrival day.  It's virtually impossible for me to focus on the task at hand and put down the camera.  Here are a few from arrival day on this past trip.   I cant get over how pretty this attraction is. :/

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Disney Blog Roundup 5/25/13

   I know I haven't done a blog roundup in a while...because I'm a total jerk, but I wanted to get back in the habit.  Now that we're back from vaycay I can focus a little more on the blog.  Speaking of which!  Have you had a chance to catch up on our trip, and the few vlogs I did? Scroll down a few posts and catch up on those.  Also, here's a sweet shot of me diggin on some citrus swirl...

   And now, the good stuff! Fun blogs from around the 'Disney community.'

   - James at This Happy Place Blog gets to the heart of why he goes back to WDW... Terrific blog post buddy!

   - Eating WDW's Sarah samples the chocolate mousse at the new French bakery!  Believe it or not...we kind of DIDNT HATE THIS PLACE!!!!

   - Maybe the best blog documenting the history of WDW Passport To Dreams investigates the origins of the music from the Country Bear Jamboree...Pt.1!  I cant wait for the rest of it!

   - Melissa at Mouse On The Mind took a look at at the fun misquoting Walt twitter trend... We totally missed this one!

   - I love landscaping at Disney World, and apparently Ryan from Main Street Gazette does too!  Here is a great story about the early days of The Land pavilion...

Friday, May 24, 2013

And, Were Back...

   In the blink of an eye, vacation is over.  Aint it the sad truth?  In this case, yes and no.  While our trip was super amazing/magical/unforgettable it was also the perfect length. Long enough to really immerse ourselves in fantasy...but also long enough to miss home.   Sooner or later you have to go back to the real world and enjoy the comforts of your own space.  And lets face it, planning our next trip is always half the fun anyway.

I like this one, because it looks like we're fighting...

   This trip was jam packed with fun!  Three days with my family, three days with Jamie and Keith, PLUS the Disney Hipster Meet Up there was a lot to keep us busy. (i.e. crazy)  Somewhere along the way I managed to take over 2,000 photos and over 500 video clips to further enhance this blogs content, and get us through to our next WDW vacation.  I'm seriously looking forward to some of the projects we have lined up!

Monorail bar crawl...

   My "Disney reservoir" is brimming over right now, and for that I'm sincerely grateful.  Disney World makes me a more positive and outgoing person, and inspires me to be creative.  This, above all else, is the reason we continue to love the most magical place on earth.  So let the countdown begin! 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review: A Pirates Adventure

   We're right in the middle of a terrific Disney World vacation...but I can't resist the urge to blog about the fun new Pirates Adventure interactive game now play testing at the Magic Kingdom!  We had the opportunity to experience the entire attraction from start to finish, and thought we would share some insight.

   When I first heard about the new game opening in Adventureland I was a little worried.  In addition to the area being crowded to begin with, there was another interactive game (Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom) already permeating its borders.  Though this day was an exceptionally busy day at the Magic Kingdom, the game was running smoothly and hardly interfered with guests that weren't playing.   The only instances where the game is an obvious hinderance to others is at the exit of Pirates of the Caribbean...where several interactive elements are located.  We all know that shop is already congested, with the addition of this game the crowd is almost unbearable.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day Three.

   Up super early right now, getting ready for a Magic Kingdom rope drop...thought I would post yesterday's adventures.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hey! We Got To Disney World Today!!!!

    Aggghhh! I'm writing this from Animal Kingdom Lodge!  Stacey J. Aswad is on the television, and my belly is full of Biergarten lunch!  I'm about to enjoy an adult beverage at the pool over at Jambo House...and still, I managed to make a vlog for today.  Enjoy.

Friday, May 10, 2013

We're Leaving For WDW, But What About YOU??!!

   We've spent a lot of time prepping for Disney World.  We're staying at our favorite resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge, we have dining reservations every day, we even have a printed schedule of our daily tentative plans.  One thing we haven't planned?  STUFF FOR THIS BLOG!!!!
   Yes, despite our rampant OCD we haven't taken a moment to reflect on the fact that we wont be returning to Disney World until October...and we have a loooooong Summer between then and now.  (and all the blog posts that go with that long Summer...)  This is where you come in!

   If there is anything that you've been curious about at Walt Disney World, let us know!  Even if its something you would like our opinion on, we would be happy to take pictures and investigate!  Though the best way to get in touch is via Twitter or via Facebook, you could also just leave a comment on this blog post and we will be sure to get it.  Think of this as a fun scavenger hunt for us...all while providing future content for the blog.  

   If you want to follow along during our trip...again, the best way is via Twitter...but we will also be updating  the Disney Hipsters Too youtube channel  with vacation diaries.  This is a new experiment for us, and we're totally excited about the prospect of it...
   So there you go guys. We TOTALLY thought of you this morning.  If you want to follow along during our trip, please do...because its a lot of fun for us too!  And if you see us roaming around the park feel free to introduce yourself and say hi!  We will have Disney Hipster buttons for everyone who does! :) 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mad Tea Party Concept Art.

   Yes. I'm still pretty upset about the current closure of the Mad Tea Party.  In spite of my dismay I thought I'd share this awesome concept drawing for the original Disneyland version.  The teacups were an opening day attraction and, as you can see, changed quite a bit before actually being built.

   To be honest, the attraction in the artwork looks totally bad ass!  Characters everywhere, and banked curves!  A very pretty piece of Disneyland history indeed...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lamenting The Temporary Loss Of Teacups

   One of my weekly rituals in life is perusing various Disney blogs.  In particular I enjoy photo updates which document the various goings on at Disney World, including changes and refurbishments.  As our trip is getting closer and closer I recently realized: These changes / refurbs are going to affect MY TRIP! 
   I know that seems simply ridiculous of me to say, but it takes a second to sink in.  I've been getting very upset about the amount of construction work going on at WDW to the point of constant anxiety.  The Magic Kingdom in particular is absolutely riddled with construction walls.  
   Out of everything going on, the lengthy down time of The Mad Tea Party has me the most upset.  Something about the manic spinning, bright colors, and wild music gets me in the "rope dropping" spirit.  I know that I'm in the minority when it comes to actual enjoyment of the attraction...and yes, I too get nauseous on this attraction, but I doubt at this point that anyone could argue against the atmospheric contributions of the famous teacups.
   So, with just a few days until our trip, I'm sitting here upset.  No e-tickets will be closed, no dark rides will be shuttered,  and my favorite restaurants are all fully functional.  So why get upset over the teacups?  Its one of those inexplicable things I guess...

Monday, May 6, 2013

1960's Donald Duck Wallet

   Remember how on a recent trip to Philadelphia I bought a whole bunch of old Disney toys?  I found these amazing Donald and Pluto puppets, and these amazing temporary tattoos.  In addition to those terrific finds I also discovered this stupendous toy wallet!
   I'm pretty sure that at some point in the near future I'll actually put this thing to good use.  The only problem is that its hardly big enough to hold a dollar bill. :/

 What is Donald roping??

 Oh, just a sweet innocent calf...

Friday, May 3, 2013

Four Reasons Fantasyland is STILL Better at Disneyland...

   Despite the lavish update of The Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland, with its extensive rock work and water features, the original Fantasyland at Disneyland still comes out on top.  Sure, the construction was an improvement...albeit a two steps forward, one step back situation. (we are coming  up on the one year anniversary of Snow White closing...) Its hard to explain why Disneyland's Fantasyland works so well.  Is it simply that it is cozier, and still manages to have MORE attractions that The Magic Kingdom version??  Yes, utilization of space does matter, but I think it goes beyond that...

   Number Four - Original Dumbo

no improvement needed...

      Here is a situation where the WDW update of Fantasyland got it wrong.  By replacing the classic attraction with an over the top dueling Dumbo, complete with interactive innovative queue they kind of sucked the soul out of the attraction.  There is no more grit in Florida's Fantasyland.   Not to mention the fact that they over compensated for Dumbo's demand...and now the attraction seems less popular.
      There was something super special about racing through Cinderella Castle to be the first guests on Dumbo, and now that little game has been all but erased. Heck, you can visit Dumbo in Florida any time of day....and be air conditioned why you wait.  Again, the grit of it all is missing.  Luckily for us, the classic style is still in place at Disneyland, where guests still race to be the first in line.  Dumbo is always mobbed at Disneyland and in turn makes it more coveted and dare I say, magical.  When we overcompensate for an attractions popularity it takes away from how special it is.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Disneyland's Winnie The Pooh BGM Loop

   Something haunted me while I was in Disneyland.  It wasn't an omnipresent "Disney mountain" or even something deliberately designed to be eerie ala Haunted Mansion.  No friends.  The background music loop for the Winnie The Pooh dark ride in Critter Country is the most amazing, splendid, (dare I say spooky?) music I've heard in a while.  Sure, it consists solely of those wonderful Sherman brothers songs that we all know and love, but they are recorded in a decidedly different tone.  Lots of accordion and weird percussion make this a Disneyland treasure.
   I was happy to see that one of my VERY FAVORITE sources for parks audio Mr Theme Park Audios, had recently supplied it via Youtube!  The search was over!  Now go enjoy this amazing music loop...

   Ok, so maybe it isn't as spooky as I remember...the vacationers mind will play tricks on itself while hungry and tired.  But this is still a far superior loop to our East coast version, yes?

   What is your favorite park audio?  Go to our Facebook Page, "like" it...and let us know! :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A "Blah" Lunch at Cafe Orleans

   In the grand scheme of things, regardless of how many times you read Disney food menus, and think you know what to expect...things are never what you think they'll be.  For our amazing Disneyland trip last year we pulled out all the stops.  We had reservations for each day of our trip...and Adam even made a food planning chart, so that we wouldn't forget anything. Yikes, we were anxious about food.
   One restaurant that we had the most apprehension about was Cafe Orleans in the heart of Disneyland's New Orleans Square.  Not because the menu was off putting to us, in fact it looked quite promising, but because it had been hyped up so much.  By the time we actually got around to eating here our expectations were even lower.  You see, Cafe Orleans is right next door to French Market, which is one of the BEST Disney counter service restaurants you are likely to try.  So why wouldn't we just eat there for the fourth time??  For the sake of the blog, thats why.

   The atmosphere of Cafe Orleans is entirely delightful.  We were here at lunch time, and were asked to queue up outside of the entrance, in a side alley in New Orleans Square.  I don't believe there is any waiting area of note.  In short order the hostess began seating the hungry gathering of folks.  Without asking a seating preference we were walked through the very dim restaurant to an outdoor table, which we preferred.   You see how I don't remember the details of the interior of the restaurant?  Because it was quite unremarkable.  Good thing is, the majority of the seating is outside along the New Orleans Square/Frontierland promenade.  Here you can people watch, catch strolling performers, and hear music from the nearby French Market. You see, this is a restaurant where you are expected to sit outside and enjoy DISNEYLAND.