Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Quickie: Welcome To Disneyland Week!

   Can you believe its been an ENTIRE YEAR since our first trip to Disneyland??  There was so much anticipation leading up to that amazing visit, and before we knew it the trip was over.  I guess thats the cruel nature of being a crazy Disney fan. :/
   To celebrate that awesome trip, this week will be all about Disneyland here on Disney Hipster Blog...including a few forgotten nuggets from our trip, but also some Disneyland history as well.
   Below are some links to a few of our previous Disneyland love posts:

Pretty, right?

   - We started BEFORE our trip by researching the Gibson Girl Ice Cream parlor on Main Street.

   - Then, as a send off, we made a video about getting ready for our trip.  Gulp! I was so nervous!

   - We both had a lot to say about Disneyland as soon as we got back from our trip... here we "bust" five Disneyland myths.  Trust me, its really not any more clean than The Magic Kingdom.

   - One thing that we both became obsessed with? Shrunken Ned Jungle Witch Doctor!!!!! These are the kind of thing that the Magic Kingdom is seriously lacking...

   - Not to be overlooked, we also really loved DCA!!!! Like, a lot...even pre Carsland/Buena Vista Street!

   We also made a few videos of our trip as well:



To catch a character stalker...

Fliks Fun Fair...


  1. i'll be there tomorrow, and will say "guten tag" to heimlich for you!

    it's my first trip to DL/DCA since i've gotten pregnant, so it will be interesting to see what kind of a day we can have without the "big" rides. truth be told, we're looking forward to the dark rides, lunch (and a dole whip!) and just walking around - the parks are so beautiful in the spring!

  2. Catching up on the blog, reading posts from 2011 and I love it!!!!! How do you subscribe to the blog so you get an email every time you post something new? I'm addicted!!

  3. I've thoroughly enjoyed all your Disneyland observations, and can't wait to read/see more!

  4. This comes at the most perfect time for us! 2 weeks 5 days and counting!

  5. If you can visit during the first few days and weeks of reopening, we think or on a spring or fall Sunday morning before heading to the beach.TellHappystar