Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Walt Disney World Bars And Lounges

   Drinking on vacation. Agh. Sounds nice right?  Few other past times have garnered such attention in the Disney community. And why not?  We're on vacation, above all else, to relax and get away from the reality of our day to day lives.  In the same realm as cult foods/attractions/resorts, the bars and lounges at Disney World have some serious fans.
   This is where everyones favorite trip planning gurus TouringPlans comes in.  Their new ebook Walt Disney World Bars And Lounges looks exclusively at this one very important aspect of the vacation kingdom.  Penned by TouringPlans team member Brian McNichols (of the amazing/defunct Of Mouse And Man Podcast...) this book was a surprising pleasure to read.

   The bars and lounges of WDW are first divided into three general categories: In park, resorts, and pool bars. They are then subdivided as best of the best or best of the rest.  Further more, each bar/lounge is given an author awarded rating on a scale of 0 - 100.  The point system works well in this format, and provides the reader with a context in which to place the bar compared to others. Location, atmosphere, theme, and menu are all scrutinized in this race toward alcoholic dominance.  How can Martha's Vineyard at Disney's Beach Club resort get a mediocre score of 55, while just yards away Crew's Cup Lounge gets a stellar 73? This book will explain, with tireless detail.

The venue of recent (and upcoming) Disney Hipster meet ups...

   In addition to the detailed text, this guide is overflowing with wonderful photos. Apparently poor Brian had to visit EVERY DISNEY WORLD BAR in order to acquire such a collection.  Tough job right?  But the fun doesn't stop there! Just as we're finishing up the bar reviews, the end of the book has tons of WDW drink recipes ranging from standard bar menu drinks to more esoteric fare. (Welsh Dragon anyone?)

   Absolutely no stone is left unturned in this book...which is a great thing considering a lot of people have been waiting patiently for the definitive book on the subject to come out. Though I could argue some of the ratings are misplaced (Gurgling Suitcase rates higher than Victoria Falls for instance...)  I can't imagine a more thorough guide being written on the discourse of bars at Disney World.  And as long as you don't mind an informal conversational tone, you will eagerly absorb this information.
   Walt Disney World Bars And Lounges is available in ebook format on iTunes. Happy drinking!

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