Friday, April 26, 2013

Launch Time: Disney Hipsters Too!

   Yay! I'm so excited to have another platform in which to bother you guys on!  Actually, this probably should have happened a looooong time ago.  Today I'm super proud to announce the launch of Disney Hipsters Too! 
   Disney Hipsters Too! is a new Youtube channel devoted to vlogging about Disney news, as well as Disney trip diaries.   These videos will be a lot less polished than our main Youtube page...but will also be updated much more often.  Therefore, we will be able to discuss news in a much more timely fashion. PLUS we will be able to post videos DURING our Disney trips, and keep everyone up to date.  Yay!
   But thats not all for Disney Hipsters Too, the near future will bring an entirely new blog which focuses on news! (as opposed to this one, which is kind of about art and aesthetics...)  I'm super excited for this project, and hope that you guys start following along!   To celebrate, here is my first super awkward vlog...