Monday, April 8, 2013

Fabulous Women of Disneyland 1955: Irene Dunne

   The world was introduced to Disneyland in 1955 through an amazing feat of television wizardry. Dateline Disneyland was a live broadcast featuring the opening of the worlds first theme park in outstanding detail. There were many celebrities on hand to help officially open the park, many of which are relatively forgotten today.
   Irene Dunne was a huge, albeit fading, star at the time of Disneyland's opening.  Nominated for five Academy Awards, Dunne was a revered actress and truly embodied the glamorous nature of old Hollywood.  Walt Disney himself requested Irene Dunne to take part in the festivities...which she played a brief but memorable role in.  Here is the short clip where she has the honor of christening the riverboat Mark Twain, which still sails today.

   So perfect, right?!!? This woman brought the goods with her that day, despite the fact that it was more low brow than her usual gigs.  Irene Dunne brings just another layer of love and appreciation to the Rivers Of America. 

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