Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Classic Matterhorn Bobsleds Attraction Poster

   The opening of the Matterhorn Bobsleds (along with the monorail, and 20,000 league subs...)  in 1959 was the most ambitious expansion in Disneyland's short history.  Though the park was rapidly changing/expanding, nothing of this size had yet been attempted.  As Disneyland's first thrill ride it was super important to portray those thrills in its original attraction poster, thus getting the kids all hyped up to experience Anaheim's new mountain.
   Here is a short developmental sequence from the Poster Art of Disney Parks book.

Paul Hartley, 1959

    Cool right??!!  I love how simple color theory can send a wintery chill through your body!  The lines in the waterfall are also worth noting, as they're abstract and amazing.  Also the reoccurring yellow against blue, creating the same visual movement that the attraction ACTUALLY HAS.  This poster is severely brilliant. 

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