Sunday, March 3, 2013

Whats Up With Prince Philip?

   Something has been bothering me lately.  Its not work related, nor health, and lord knows my home life is pretty awesome.  No, this problem is really serious.  The extent that my life has been impacted cannot be understated, so much so that I've been losing sleep over it.
   What the heck is up with Prince Philip's meet and greet costume!? I know that designers take artistic and functional liberties with the character costumes, but this is utterly bizarre.  Where did the inspiration for this atrocity come from? Where is his cape? And why is he wearing that horrible hat?!

   The big problem here isnt so much the costume, but the poor prince who has to wear it.  Prince Philip, unlike his older cousins The Prince and Prince Charming, actually has a great personality on par with his princess.  He is suave and debonaire, witty and playful....but never a bumbling idiot.  This costume changes the way a face character would interact with guests, turning him into a bafoon.
   No thank you!  I'd like remember Prince Philip as he appears in Sleeping Beauty.


  1. I totally agree! He never wore that outfit and the hat is horrible! BTW, have you ever wondered by Philip and Aurora don't speak at in during the second half of the movie?

  2. As one who was very, VERY good friends with Prince Phillip during the late 90s and early 00s, I couldn't agree more! Even back then, he dressed in a dark purple tunic, purple cape, and purple tights. At least they had his field hat correctly - not the weird top hat he's sporting now.

    But really Costuming - is a grey tunic, black shirt, and a red cape so difficult to sew?