Monday, March 25, 2013

Vintage Donald Duck and Pluto Hand Puppets

   So apparently Philadelphia is a goldmine full of Disney collectables.  Between the few thrift stores and consignment shops that we visited on a recent day trip, we gathered quite a few treasures.  Here are two vintage hand puppets that were listed as 1960's, but are actually 1970's.   Now I just need the whole set...


  1. I found the Donald Hand Puppet at a Antique Consignment Store here in Jefferson City, TN for $5.00

  2. Did you know there are two variations of this donald hand puppet? a Japanese one and a Korean one. The colors are a bit darker in the japanese versus the Korean one which choose lighter colors. I have both and post about my collectibles daily though the week. If you are on Instagram check out the kool stuff from the 30s - 80s of disney/peanuts/etc. @motherofallcollectibles I was looking up people posting on it to see conditions of existing and found your post! nice score of collectibles!

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