Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tangled Toilets: All The Dirty Details

   First of all, big thanks to the first honorary Disney Hipster, Mark Diba.  Our roving reporter took a CRAZY amount of photos of this new area at the Magic Kingdom, he even "rope dropped" the area in anticipation of large crowds. That's dedication.  Follow him on twitter: @Dibadisney

   As everybody already knows, the new Tangled Toilets have finally opened across the way from the Peter Pan's Flight queue. It seems like an eternity that construction began and speculation started flying.  Would the area connecting Haunted Mansion open behind Yankee Trader? Would the archway from Columbia Harbor House come down? Are these REALLY JUST TOILETS??!!   Yes. No (thank god) and kind of.
   Though for all intents and purposes these are "just bathrooms" the area is themed to the level of New Fantasyland's heights.  Color, texture, and detail are hallmarks of immersive areas...and they hit this out of the park.

 Themed to village surrounding the castle in Tangled...complete with gorgeous 
lanterns and "sun flags" from the film. 

Detail surrounding the women's bathroom...very similar aesthetic to the movie. I
love how the mural goes right over the rock work arch.

 Hurah! Details abound! Flynn's satchel...

A running gag in the film, Rapunzel's frying pan.

A great diversion for kids and adults alike...find Pascal the chameleon! See, its 
not JUST a bathroom... 

Here is one of several "hidden Pascals"

Another great addition to the area? Seating...with tables none the less!  It would be
nice to enjoy some Columbia Harbor House lunch here... 

The "tree stumps" come equipped with charging stations for guests mobile 
devices! How badly was this needed?!?!

The icon of the area, Rapunzel's tower. Very pretty rock work and water features. 
Desperately needed in this area of Fantasyland.

The view coming from Haunted Mansion...another terrific idea to help
guide the flow of the Fantasyland/Liberty Square bottleneck.  That
has always been a huge problem. 

The area is super charming at night, thanks to the beautiful tower lighting, 
and lanters! 

And to top it all off?  Also a great place to watch Wishes! 

   Thanks again Mark, for providing such awesome photos...and helping this blog stay somewhat up to date!  I can't wait to see this area for myself in May...apparently it has a wonderful background music loop as well, completing my obsession with it. :) 
   Have you seen the Tangled Toilets?  What are your thoughts?  Let us know via twitter! @disneyhipsters

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