Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Le Cellier: Quinoa Potato Cake

   For a blog that so adamantly advocates eating your veggies while on vacation we sure do eat at a lot of veggie unfriendly restaurants.  It really gets our goat that the vast majority of Disney World restaurants have only one vegetarian option, but thus is the nature of the beast.
   One of the most surprising places to find a good meal at, despite its meat-centric attitude is Le Cellier at Epcot's Canada pavilion.  Though a steakhouse by trade, we've had terrific experiences here recently.
The space truly has the look and feel of a dank wine cellar.  Though the tables are situated VERY close together, the atmosphere remains cozy and intimate, and offers a great escape from the general chaos of World Showcase.

   If you're familiar with this blog (or the Disney Hipster Podcast...) you probably know about our recent bad luck with potato quinoa cakes, aka the atrocity of a burger at Liberty Tree Tavern.  But you probably also realize the GREAT POTENTIAL that a potato quinoa cake has...in the proper setting.  Le Cellier, my friends, has lived up to its hype.  
   This is simplicity at its best. Quinoa and potato, obviously, with plenty of garlic, green pepper, and ramps to make it interest.  It is baked, and then we assume fried, however the end result is anything but greasy.  The vegetables on the side almost steal the show here.  Mushrooms, carrots, and golden beets are roasted until just tender, the flavors meld perfectly with the cake.  A terrific duo indeed.  

   One giant complaint toward Le Cellier is the lack of vegan options for side dishes.  Though Adam and I are NOT vegans, we do not eat dairy in our day to day lives.  Available vegetarian side dishes include creamed spinach, cauliflower gratin, and poutine. The poutine (basically french fries with cheese and gravy....) are only vegetarian WITHOUT the red wine reduction. The Le Celier version comes with truffle salt. 

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