Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Extensive Theming: Street Posters of Harambe

   I remember back when Disney Hipster Blog just a thought in my brain, and I was curious whether Disney had enough content to carry a blog on a day to day basis.  I thought, "Music! People like background music!" and "Heck, people like silly little details like I do!" During these initial brainstorms I had constructed a loose list of potential topics, and right at the top was signs in Harambe. 
   Funny how I never got around to the first thing on my list, right?  Anyway, lets file this one under "whoops!" and also "my new love of Animal Kingdom's Africa."
   As you might remember, I've been mining some of the information that we absorbed on the Wild By Design tour that we took back in October.  First we visited the special sausage tree and then the nearby Swahili plaster carving.  Today we're admiring the street posters that are plastered all over Harambe.

   I really admire the design of these posters. Not only do they look pretty authentic, they're legitimately interesting in their design. Fabulous aged colors, interesting graphics, and terrific photographs! This is storytelling, friends.
   I have a few more somewhere...and I'll dig them us soon.


  1. These are wonderful! I love the wording of the first poster; it's so believable as a slightly-off translation. The 2nd one's my favorite; it makes me want to stay far, far away from Cap'n Bob. "Guaranteed Animals!" is just awful and awesome at the same time.

  2. In general I am amazed at Disneys attention to type treatment. As a designer It is refreshing to see a co. that gets it and puts up visually appealing typefaces on their signs. People thought I was crazy stopping and photographing every beautiful typeface I found.