Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Animal Kingdom's Island Mercantile Animal Carvings

   We've already expressed our love of Discovery Island, the central hub at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Part of that love is the colorful animal carvings that tie the whole land together.  The carvings located in and around the stores help set the theme of each shop/restaurant.

   Island Mercantile is a large store on the left hand side as you enter the land from the Oasis. Its theme is "animals that migrate/animals that work..."  We recently looked at an adorable beaver that lives in this shop...but here are a few more animals.

beautiful hummingbird/bee windows...

Salmon....and, um...something else

elephants working hard


   Do you have a favorite store on Discovery Island?  Can you guess the theme of the stores animal carvings? Some of them are surprisingly hard to figure out!  

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