Monday, March 18, 2013

A Few Drinks From Flower and Garden

   So, would you believe that in the last year and a half we haven't had a guest blogger? (please correct me if i'm wrong...but I dont think I am) Unless you count Adam...but you probably shouldn't because he gets defensive very quickly about that.  Anyway, we're proud to announce a unique collaboration with Mark Diba (@dibadisney), who lives within close proximity of Disney World...and thus, visits the parks quite often. Diba will be taking pictures for us from time to time, featuring items that are time sensitive (aka, news...) or just whatever he deems Disney Hipster Blog worthy.
   Diba was able to try a few drinks from the Flower and Garden festival recently...and by the shear number of alcoholic units he probably had a good buzz going.  Anyway, enjoy.

Fruits by the Glass might be my favorite Flower & Garden booth this year. This booth offers wonderful alcoholic drinks featuring some of my favorite fruits. I had the Florida Orange Groves Winery’s Blueberry Blue wine ($3.50). It was very fruity and quite sweet.

At L’Orangerie in France, I tried the La Vie en Rose Frozen Slush ($9.75). This is pretty much the same as the Grand Marnier and Grey Goose frozen slushes that you can buy elsewhere in the pavilion. This one is orange-flavored Grey Goose vodka with St. Germain liqueur and cranberry juice. I really love this drink. It was refreshing and had a delightful hint of citrus.

I saw the Desert Rose ($6.00) on the menu at Taste of Marrakesh and I just had to try it. This is pomegranate liqueur poured over sparkling wine. Normally, I don’t care too much for pomegranate, but it was excellent in this drink. The sparkling wine wasn’t great quality, but the pomegranate overpowered the cheap wine taste.

I couldn’t walk past the Primavera Kitchen in Italy without getting a White Peach Bellini ($11.00). This is your standard Bellini: Prosecco and peach purée. I enjoyed it, but it was a little pricey.

China’s Lotus House booth offered a couple of drinks that I had to try. First was the Peach - Oolong Bubble Tea ($4.75, outer). For those of you that don’t know, bubble tea is a popular drink in Taiwan and other parts of southeast Asia. Bubble tea is made with tea, milk or cream, sugar, and balls of tapioca (called pearls). This peach bubble tea was very sweet and I loved it. My only problem with the version sold here is that the pearls they put in it were really gross.

I also tried the Kung Fu Punch ($7.50, inside). This is a mixed drink with vodka, triple sec, mango juice, and orange juice. This was very refreshing and smooth. I could barely taste the vodka, but I can assure you it was there!


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  2. Its very dark in the place which adds to its chill vibe plus wifi makes it a great place to get work done or drink with someone special. They also have the best music playlist in the city hands down.

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