Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Three Country Bear Attraction Posters

   Did I mention that I've been super lazy and haven't actually read my Poster Art of Disney Parks book that I got for my birthday??!! (way back in October, for those of you keeping track...) The good thing about this book is, however, that it makes a wonderful companion to my coffee table and hence allows me plenty of opportunities to flip through its pages. :)
   This morning, while listening to my Epcot morning playlist I opened the book up to three wonderful attraction posters for the Country Bear Jamboree, a favorite attraction of mine.

Country Bear Jamboree, Walt Disney World, Jim Michaelson, Marc Davis, and Eddie Martinez, 1978

Contry Bear jingle Bell Jamboree,  Tokyo Disneyland,  Larry Nikolai and Michael Warzocha, 1991

Country Bear Vacation Jamboree, Tokyo Disneyland,  Larry Nikolai and Will Eyerman, 1994

   Clearly the standard of great design set by the original Marc Davis poster can never be matched, especially considering that he is responsible for the actual design of the bears, but there is something wonderful about the overlay posters as well.  I especially appreciate the painterly quality of the Christmas special poster, as it mimics the original just enough.  Plus, I think the pinecones are a nice touch. 


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