Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm No Fool (With A Bicycle.)

   With the weather (hopefully...) on the verge of warming up, its time for me to dust off the old bicycle.  As a non-driver, in a very pedestrian/bike friendly town, my bike is one of my best friends.   She cuts my trip to the grocery store/Starbucks/work in half, and I look awfully cute in transit.  And sometimes Big Al gets to ride in my basket...

   So, with oncoming bike weather I thought I'd get my head back in the right place with some safety tips!  From the 1955 Jiminy Cricket short I'm No Fool...With A Bicycle from the extensive I'm No Fool series.  In these short cartoons Jiminy plays our conscience obviously, and helps us make the right decisions when it comes to safety. :)

   Also, if you need more inspiration to be safe, this catchy song is available on iTunes! Cliff Edwards is killing these songs in the best possible way, obviously. 

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