Monday, February 25, 2013

Disney Hipster Meet Up: Photo Re-cap!

   Talk about a fun night!  Our first ever north east Disney meet up went off without a hitch!  A beautiful venue, tons of terrific Disney drinks (and great bartender and server as well...) and a phenomenal amount of Disney-dork chat!  We had a trivia contest AND a background music loop contest...which were enormously fun/rowdy. Who knew this community was so competitive??!! 
    Big thanks to our delightful co-hosts  Mouse On The Mind and This Happy Place! And an even bigger thanks to everyone who came down from ALL OVER the north east!  You guys are all amazing...
   *This post could be subtitled "How many silly faces can Andrew make in one evening..."

Disney Hipster Podcast crew...Keith is hiding behind us. Dont ask why. (drink 1: Bay Lake Sunset)

I guess I didn't know where the camera was.  (drink 2: black cherry twist)

Jeff looks crazed, clearly entertaining Adam and Kyle.

 Our new friend Katharine with her Disney Hipster swag...

Natalie and Calvin! Background music champions! 

 Yay backscratcher! Erica and Katherine...

Melissa from Mouse on the Mind is adorable, and I want to put her in my pocket...

At one point I must have been asking people to make grumpy faces. 

A competitive group during trivia!

Dawn from Mouse Chow drove all the way from Boston.  She really earned her backscratcher... 

Dawn has perfect attendance at Disney Hipster meet ups... 

Katherine says the Backscratchers were pretty true to form...thank god! 

Our new friends from south Jersey! Loved these guys! 

Kyle and Stelle!

What do you mean? Its over already? Good thing Megan doesn't live too far away... 

What a fabulous group! Can't wait till our next event! 


  1. Thanks for the great time, you guys! I had a ton of fun!

  2. THIS WAS THE BEST! So many excellent photos (and too many excellent drinks)! Can we just do this again next week?!
    <3 Katherine

  3. This looks awesome! When is the next one?