Friday, February 1, 2013

Adorable Beaver at Island Mercantile...

   I love extensive theming when it comes to merchandise promotion in Disney parks.  Those little touches are what make the stores special after all...and if I'm in a good mood I'm much more likely to purchase something.
   The theming around Discovery Island at Disney's Animal Kingdom is among my favorites in any Disney park.  Thankfully, all of the beautiful bright animal paintings and sculpture doesn't end at the entrance of each store.  They continue spilling into every aspect of that land...including the "merch racks." (I'm using the term mech racks because I cant think of a better word...maybe someone can help me out with that??)
   Here is one of my favorite examples!  An adorable beaver eating a log! :)

   I love that this set up not only includes the beaver, but also the chewed part of the log at the top.  Simply wonderful!
   Do you have a favorite store based on theming?  Let us know over on Facebook!

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