Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sad Day For Vegetarians: Lunch At Liberty Tree

   The Liberty Tree restaurant at the Magic Kingdom is one of our favorite places to eat.  As far as that park is concerned, the atmosphere here cant be beat.  Extensive theming, wonderful location, and great storytelling are all reasons to get a reservation here.  The only problem? The food.

   Much like our horrid experience at Rose and Crown, at one point the ONLY vegetarian option was actually quite delicious.  The flaky crust and hearty vegetables that made up the vegetarian pot pie was enough to get us salivating and hankering to return in short order. This was truly a unique offering in the realm of WDW food.  Then of course, in true Disney World fashion, that delicacy was retired.  Was it replaced by something equally interesting?  Interesting...yes. Good? No.

   The item in question is a  house made quinoa potato burger with vegan tofu tzatiki sauce served with sweet potato fries.  Doesn't that sound promising?  Problem is, virtually everything about this meal goes disastrously wrong.  In theory the quinoa potato patty, which is flavored VERY lightly with curry and fried, should float my boat.  If only the crumbly dry mashed potato wasn't the prominent flavor and texture.  Though it lists quinoa as a main ingredient it is used sparingly though the patty could really use a burst of that delicious nutty flavor.
   While the patty could simply be passed off as "blah," the tofu tzatiki is one of the most vile things I've ever had the displeasure of tasting.  Don't get me wrong...I am one of the few people who absolutely loves tofu in all her bland glory, but the combination of silken style tofu whipped with herbs had  nauseating effect.  In addition to the bad initial taste, this condiment tasted legitimately old, with a dusty after taste.
   It stinks that a previously awesome experience can be so quickly soiled by one bad entree.  Problem is, since there is only one vegetarian option there is no real reason for us to return to the Liberty Tree until they update the menu again. Such a shame considering the great location and atmosphere. :/


  1. Agree 100%! That pot pie- was that the one that was bean-based? I had it in 2010, and was very disappointed when I next visited LTT. Off my list now...

  2. And...Le Cellier is now offering a "Quinoa Potato Cake" as the veg option- is this the same thing?? (Of course, it's twice the price at Le Cel...)

  3. I hear if you call ahead and tell them you're a vegan/vegetarian they make incredible things for you! I had that happen at the California Grill once. I told them I was vegan and got what was one of the best meals of my life! Worth a try...

  4. I was so sad when I read they had gotten rid of the pot pie! It was possibly the best veggie dish on the property, and we had been looking forward to it all year.