Monday, January 14, 2013

Plywood Neverland

   There has always been something lacking in The Magic Kingdom's version of Fantasyland.  Even though it shared many of the same attractions as Disneyland, the overall feel of the area has always been rather cold and flat.  A loose "medieval fair" backstory was constructed as a coverup for the lazy facades.  Where Disneyland dropped these poorly designed facades in 1983, The Magic Kingdom inexplicably retained them.
   There is a weird and random exception to the rule of flat = bad.  More than any other part of Fantasyland, the plywood landscaping of the Peter Pan's Flight queue.  Something about the faux naif shapes and whimsical color scheme makes me smile.

   Wonderful, yes?  I wish all of "old fantasyland" was this terrific.  How do you feel about plywood Neverland?  Let us know on Twitter! @disneyhipsters

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